Real vs. Silk Flowers- Which One's Are Better?

Flowers form a very important part of the completely make up of a bride. With a thousand choices available today, making a decision has become even tougher. In this entire hullabaloo about the wedding flowers one more dimension has appeared over the time. Should a bride go for real flowers for her wedding or opt for the silk ones? Well the opinions are mixed and there are various points that go in favor of and against both the choices.

Real and silk flowers have advantages and disadvantages of their own. So, let's look at some points that could help you make the best choice amongst the two.

The brides who are traditional by nature often go in favor of real flowers. Actually, the real scents of flowers are often linked with emotions and feelings. They are known to fill the air with love and thus set the perfect environment for an event like wedding. They are delicate and heir beauty is unmatched. These characteristics of the flowers are often related with those of the bride and therefore they are preferred over the silk ones.

While these are the arguments that go in the favor of real flowers, they have their own disadvantages too. Real flowers have a very short life and so they fade away in just a few days. For the brides who wish to preserve their bouquet this is quite a problem. Although they could get the real flowers preserved but that would cost a lot.

Again, the brides with simple seasonal tastes can get the real flowers at an affordable price but for those with a more exotic taste, a bridal bouquet of flowers not in the season could cost a fortune! In contrast to this, exotic silk flowers are often available at much lower rates than their real counterparts.

If you happen to be allergic to certain flowers or their scents then you have to not have real flowers in any case. Not only you but even some of your guests who may be allergic to flowers may end up sneezing endlessly. To avoid falling in to such a situation, go for silk flowers.

But, there are people who believe that 'real' is after all 'real'. And, silk flowers can never bring in the feel of the real flowers. They might have the look of the real flowers but they surely do not have their delicacy. If at all you wish to get the nearest possible feel of the silk flowers then you will have to purchase higher quality silk that would obviously be expensive.