Have a Floral Theme Wedding Rather Than a Usual One

Theme weddings are in these days. There are many themes for weddings you can choose from. However, the theme that most suits the occasion is a flower theme. Flowers, even otherwise, always add vitality to all wedding affairs.

You can replace all the wedding decorations with ones made from flower. In fact, decorating the wedding venue in flowers requires nothing but imagination. Where earlier you used decorative material made of cloth, metal or some synthetic material, you can now use flowers. They will definitely improve the visual appeal by adding a lot of vibrant colors to the venue. And who would be able to ignore that fresh smell that would be always lingering around.

Flowers can be used in a variety of ways to adorn your wedding venue. The best way to decorate is to have a plethora of bouquets around the room. The bouquets can either be of a single flower variety or can be a mix of different types neatly trimmed and tied together. However, it is best that the bouquets around the marriage altar are in white. This would not distract the onlookers who would be rightfully focusing on the soon-to-be-wedded couple.

When it comes to the theme around the bride and the groom, it can be a riot of colors. Rich colors can be used to make the arrangement stand out and draw the eye. However, care should be taken that the color chosen enhances the bridesmaids' dresses and the color scheme of the wedding.

To deck up the wedding venue, you can select from a variety of flower colors. The colors chosen may include soft pinks to deep, rich cranberry, butter yellow to bright rust, delicate mauve to deep purple, and blush pink to hot fuchsia. Note that if you choose flowers in colors that match the dresses, their appearance would be more subtle and the bride may get the attention she deserves. On the other hand, contrasting tones will divert attention from the bride to the flowers.

While the theme of the wedding decoration can be flowers, they themselves can be arranged in a theme of their own. While hand tied bouquets strewn all around the place would definitely look appealing, they can be arranged in some shape as well. You can prepare a metal frame in any shape and size and then deck this frame up with any arrangement of flowers.

You can put these bouquet-decked metal frames anywhere you want. You can also create an arch full of flower bouquet at the entrance of the wedding venue. Metal pillars decked with flowers can be used to flank this arch at the main entrance. Smaller, intricate pieces can be used to fill up the rest of the place.

All this while, care should be taken that the flowers that are used for decoration are absolutely fresh. Go for buds if they are available. This would not only improve their visual appeal but would also freshen up the area.