Let Your Wedding Décor Reflect an Era

Are you a lover of the Victorian times or a believer of renaissance? If at all you are particularly in love with a specific era of the past times then you could very well let it reflect in your wedding theme.

You could let your wedding be symbolic of a particular era and relive the times even today. Here are a few themes based on different eras of the past times and a few tips on how you could bring them to life on your wedding day.

Victorian décor
If it's in the afternoon that you are planning your reception then Victorian theme is just going to suit it fine! Arrange for a garden party with tea, crumpets and cookies. You could decorate the area well with the help of a lot of baskets of flowers or pots of ferns and other greenery and vines. Candelabras would serve as the perfect table centerpieces for the day. You could place small rosemary pots at the center of the tables to work as the centerpieces cum favors.

The 1920's Art Decor
The 20s decade is all symbolic of the celebratory spirit. This is the prime reason why couples love to pick up this theme for their wedding. To bring the era back to life, plan to decorate the room with silver candelabras and Tiffany style lamps. It's time for some modern centerpieces that you could easily make by floating gardenia flower heads on tinted water in glass bowls. Another idea of an ideal centerpiece would be to place some imitation pearls at the bottom of the bowl and then add some floating candles and flower petals to float on the surface.

To further decorate the hall, place some balloons in black and white color. You could also hang some art deco posters on the wall with various geometric forms and different colors.

Renaissance and Medieval Décor
The foremost thing would be to look for an old and worn out venue with a rustic feel. Gothic style churches with stained glass do well in this regard. You could also get a white tent erected in open and then go on to decorate it with garlands and swags. Wrap ivy around the tent poles and use the matching hunter green tablecloths.

You could hang shields, banners and tapestries of your family on the walls. Ivory candles and black iron candleholders would serve as the best centerpieces for the theme.