Planning Garden Theme Wedding

There is absolutely no point in stuffing a bunch of people in a suffocating room when you can have your D day planned in the free, outside world. Take your love to the outdoors and plan a garden theme wedding. Garden theme weddings are a great idea. They serve as the perfect break from the routine ball room weddings and can be organized almost anywhere. You could head to a beautiful yacht club or simply organize things in your very own backyard garden.

Flowery perfection
Since garden theme weddings are usually planned during spring time, your garden would certainly be blossoming during that time. But this should not keep you away from buying additional flowers for your garden theme wedding. Opt for flowers that are similar or in contrast to your garden flowers.

Since your wedding would be conducted outdoors, opt for vibrant and bright flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, chrysanthemum and the like. These bright flowers will lift up the mood and feel of the occasion. You could place these flowers in decorative containers or simply plant them in the garden.

Carving the aisle
Most gardens do not have a smooth surface so there is always a risk of the bride tumbling when she is walking down the aisle. Thus you need to carve the aisle perfectly to ensure that the bride is on her feet throughout. You could provide a proper garden path with clipped turf grass or gravel. You could even create a modern style decking. And if all this seems too difficult you could roll out a traditional carpet. The aisle could be decorated with flowers that coordinate the floral theme of the evening. Ot you could simply scatter rose petals throughout the aisle.

Wedding favors
There are special wedding favors that perfectly complement garden theme weddings. And you don’t even need to blow up a fortune on these wedding favors. These garden theme wedding favors will add to the charm of your wedding and that too without incurring much expense. Bottle stopper with flowers or plastic bottles with a butterfly engraved on it are some nice options that you can go in for. All thanks to these sweet little favors, your guests are going to remember your wedding for a long time ahead.

Watch overhead
Creating an overhead structure is an important thing to do for garden theme weddings. You could simply create these overhead structures right at the entrance or at the spot where the ceremony is going to take place. These overhead structures can be built of haven wood and then wrapped with floral decorations. These structures can be best decorated with orchids, roses or even bougainvillea.
Plan a garden theme wedding after all there is nothing better than taking your vows in the lap of nature.