A Groom’ Speech

Well, I have never been good at giving speeches. I guess only his Lordship knows why he appointed me as a Harvard professor! My heartfelt greetings and good afternoon to all of you present here on my wedding ceremony! Now, this was least expected or anticipated of all my dates. But nevertheless, let me proclaim 'I do' to my bride and until yesterday, my most recent girlfriend."

One of the best ways to start a groom’s speech is with humor and candor. Humor is a great way to break the ice. This helps you to let out steam and relax your nerves for the occasion. It makes the bride and the guests comfortable. Once you start speaking, things will fall into place. The important thing is to start.

Let me admit to my wife that my bachelorhood has come to an end.  Friends’ adieu, especially to you, my best man, Alter. I am afraid that this reception will be the altar at which our happy and carefree life will come to an end. I still, will care for you! Ma, Pa this Catholic wedding ceremony wouldn't have been solemnized without the thousands of commitment ceremonies you made me go through!

Even if I had longed for a destination weddings, this marriage has been a fantastic experience for me. Thank you for everything. Thank you my ma and pa in-law for all that you've had to put up with in all these eight years. But, I couldn't help it and neither could your daughter. We were like a couple of  spoilt adolescents, weren't we?! Thank you, my darling Aunt Alice. You really did that wedding cake for me? I'll forever be thankful to you. And as for Justin, my bride, my love, I am only for you...I love you."