About Wedding Poetry

Wedding is the most auspicious event that takes place in a person’s life. There are various wedding rituals that  people  throughout the world follow. Just think of your wedding ceremony and the poems that your spouse recited to you. The poems will always remain in your memory and you will find yourself closer to your spouse every time you remember the lines.

Man started writing about love in a poetry form even before pen and ink were invented.
It is not surprising that poetry finds a place at the altar.

Wedding poetry is mainly written by the bride and the groom as a means of expressing their love for each other. Traditional poetry can also be recited during the wedding ceremony. Guests at the wedding are also welcome to recite a poem in praise of the couple and their mutual love and affection.

Usually the bride and the groom a wedding poetry writer can hire a writer to write poetry for them. However, it is much more fun and a challenge for each of them to write poems by them selves. Needless to say, the poems should reflect the theme and the mood of the wedding. If the wedding is an informal affair, then there can and should be a touch of humor. If it is a formal and full dress affair, then the verses should be elegant and refined.

One way for the bride and the groom to get an opinion on the poems that they have written for the ceremony is to recite the poem in front of friends and families. Family and friends usually are not wrong and give a good opinion.

Poetry finds its place not just during the wedding ceremony. It can be a part of the wedding invitation. A nice poem placed in the invitation lends a romantic touch that is appreciated by the invitees.

It does not matter at what time the poems are recited. What matters is the feeling behind the words spoken.