Funny Wedding Vows

Wedding vows that are humorous and witty can add extra spice to a wedding ceremony. Monotonous and traditional wedding vows can be repetitive and boring. Wedding vows with a refined sense of humor lightens the mood and breaks the ice with the audience.

Humor in wedding vows is acceptable as long as the solemnity of the occasion is preserved. It is perfectly possible to maintain a balance between humor and the solemnity of the occasion. For the sake of entertainment one can share, a few funny wedding vows on the occasion after the main vows have been exchanged.

Not everyone is in for funny wedding vows. If it goes with your style and you feel that you will be able to carry these vows well, then you should definitely add a dash of humor to your vows. It is after all a sentimental occasion and a bit of humor always adds to the sentiment if it is done right.

There are several ways to adapt funny wedding vows. You can use the information from various websites as a starting point for inspiration. Try making up your own vows, as you, your partner and the guests will appreciate the effort. You could always read out your vows to your friends and get their opinion.
Remember that the marriage vows should not only be funny but also meaningful since this day is usually the most treasured and beautiful day in one's lifetime. Humorous vows could be made endearing and be appreciated by all those who are present. They should not make anyone uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Wedding vows should be funny in a very refined and light manner. They should not be an excuse for ribald humor. Avoid making private jokes or jibes at people unless you are sure that the effort will not boomerang.