Irish Weddings and Irish songs

Bachelor parties, wedding showers, wedding invitations, wedding planning, wedding favors, wedding receptions, wedding ceremony...yes, marriages are full of fun and frolic. Marriages are occasions meant to rejoice, celebrate and cherish. It is a day that the couple remembers throughout their lives. Everyone loves to have a grand wedding and a beautiful Irish wedding song can add to the grandness and gala arrangement of the wedding.

Songs are one of the key ingredients of a traditional Irish wedding ceremony. However, the bride and the groom do not join the singing, as it is considered a bad omen. A choir usually sings the song. According to ancient custom, the song is sung as the bride slices the wedding cake. The songs were once confined to Irish weddings. However, today it has become high street fashion to incorporate the Irish wedding song in a wedding reception. In fact, you have Disc Jockeys playing remixed versions, of the original Irish sound tracks at receptions.

An extract of an Irish wedding song goes like this:

They stand exchange wedding bands, and hand in hand
Unto this day of their dreams and plans
Their loved ones stand here to say
God bless them who marry unto this day

In times both good and bad, in sickness, joy and health
Bless them with riches of love and company and not wealth
Give them the courage and strength to face difficulties that find their way.
God bless them who marry unto this day

God bless them with peace of mind, remember to always be kind
May god give them warning of difficulties ahead of its dawn and time
Bless their children with happiness each day
God bless them who marry unto this day