Know All about an American Wedding

America was originally populated by immigrants from other countries. American wedding traditions have either evolved or have been taken directly from traditions in other European countries and different cultures. The immigrants combined their original culture with American culture to evolve diverse and varied traditions and ceremonies including those for weddings.

Most of the Americans have grown comfortable with these combined traditions. To name a few, these are the Mexican traditions, early American traditions, modern American traditions, US traditions and Puerto Rican traditions. The common factor is that an American wedding can be religious or civil. A religious ceremony is more prevalent if it is a first wedding.

Marriages in America are not arranged to strengthen family ties or business. They take place between two people who have found love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Parental blessings are sought more out of courtesy. For American weddings, it is not unusual to engage a professional wedding planner. The planner takes care of most of the aspects of planning the various arrangements.

A white wedding dress and a white veil is the traditional dress worn by the bride. Before the wedding, the Maid of Honor traditionally throws a bridal shower as part of the bridal ceremonies. During the bridal shower, the bride is often given small gifts teasingly or jokingly to be used on the honeymoon.

Most American weddings take place in Church. The ceremony takes place amidst family and friends and other invited guests. The music and decorations make the occasion special. The bridesmaids, the best man, the flower girls, the ring bearers are all part of this lavish event.

The ceremony is conducted by a religious leader. Marriage vows written by the bride and the groom are exchanged. In the midst of the ceremony, it is customary to ask if anyone has any objection to the marriage. On receiving a negative response, the wedding rings are exchanged and the couple is pronounced to be man and wife. The newly weds seal the union with a kiss.