Marriage and Faith

I do. Yes, two magic words that solemnize a marriage. Marriage is a bond that is based on trust and is the basis of family and all relationships. Mankind itself arose from the union of Adam and Eve. For a girl, marriage is a dream come true. In any traditional wedding ceremony, there is a list of rituals which signify commitment ceremonies.

Verses are composed, pledges are taken, and vows are written and exchanged. These rituals are meant to uphold faith and trust in each other. Engagement rings, usually diamonds encrusted in gold or platinum are exchanged. A ring speaks volumes. It says that I have pledged and devoted the rest of my life to you.

In a traditional catholic wedding ceremony, the head of the church asks both the bride and groom, to accept the other as a spouse and to pledge allegiance towards each other. This is done in a church, on a raised podium, in front of relatives and friends. Name any traditional religious wedding ceremony, and you'll have a ritual that asks the partners' faithfulness and commitment. However, it is not in words, but in actions that a faithful bride and her partner express their love and trust for each other.

A faithful bride is always true to her husband. No matter what her problems, she shares them with him. She also listens to her husband and together charts out a course of action to solve their problems. She obliges her husband's demands and tries to fulfill them in whatever way she can. Together they  bring up their children and care for their needs as well.