Of Brazilian Brides

Just like any traditional wedding ceremony in any part of the world, a Brazilian marriage has its own list of commitment ceremonies. Most of the rituals have to be attended and performed together by the groom and the bride. This is because Brazil is an egalitarian society.

A Brazilian bride has the time of her life when it comes to her D-Day. The foods, the music, are all in her honor. As per local tradition, the bridal entourage will arrive at least ten minutes but not later than thirty minutes after the groom has arrived. This is because the groom should not see the wedding dress; it is considered inauspicious if that happens.

The dropping of the wedding rings is  considered a bad omen. Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand, before the marriage and is later worn on the left hand after the sermon is over.
After the ceremony is over, the bride and the groom together dance the pagode, a subgenre of samba. Either a song by the great Vinicius de Morais or the Brazilian national anthem is played during the reception. This displays the patriotic reverence of the Brazilians towards their motherland. Lastly, you have the traditional honeymoon, where the groom takes the bride in his arms and ushers her into the house, first putting his right foot forward.  

Well then, Brazilian brides are treated like royalty on their beautiful wedding day!