Preparing For a Wedding Speech

A wedding speech is a special speech and is therefore generally prepared with a lot of thought. Although a speech is important, it is always advisable to keep it short, simple and sweet. A few punch lines in a wedding speech add spice and enliven the atmosphere.There are a number of ideas and punch lines that you can add to your speech. These ideas can be used to organize the speech well.

It is always a good idea to rehearse your speech before a mirror. This helps to remove stage fright and nervousness. Of course, you need not go overboard and over do your preparation. A memorable speech is always delivered naturally and it should come from the heart.

A wedding speech delivered by the groom generally mentions and praises the in-laws, with some emphasis on the mother-in-law. It is a good occasion to shower praises on the bride. The groom also customarily makes the speech on behalf of his bride. It is customary for the groom and the best man to praise the bridesmaids. The groom and the best man could perhaps work together on their speeches.

The father of the groom gives a speech that is generally touching or humorous and he speaks about the achievements of the groom. He also thanks the bride’s mother, the groom’s mother and the bridesmaids.

The best wedding speeches are touching, with a pinch of seasoned humor that adds to the joy of the occasion, keeps the party lively and makes people smile and savor the event.

Traditionally the bride does not give a speech. Of course, it is always the bride’s wish. If she wishes to give a speech, then it is a pleasant surprise for the guests and they eagerly await her speech.

The father of the bride gives a welcome speech. His speech contains just a hint of the sadness at giving away his daughter. At the same time, the speech wishes the couple the very best for their married life.