Raise Your Glass to the Health of the Bride and Groom

A wedding festivity and revelry is not complete without the customary wedding toasts. In a perfect wedding reception, everything should be perfect. The wedding toasts to extend wishes to the newly wed couple should also be perfect.  If you happen to be overwhelmed with your love and affection for the couple on their wedding occasion, you should you stand up request permission to offer a toast and raise your glass and make the toast. Raising glasses and offering toasts increases bonhomie amongst the guests and makes the couple feel good.

A toast must not be too long. Brevity is preferred. It should be a lovable expression that the couple and the guests should be able to relate to. Funny wedding toasts have become order of the day.

You can make the toast memorable with the right kind of body language and facial expression. A simple toast is rather desirable. Wedding toasts are only meant to extend your support to couple on their very special day. A thoughtful toast may help couple come closer to each other and sets the mood for perfect consummation of the marriage.

You must let your natural feelings come out in the wedding toast. In a traditional wedding ceremony, the best man usually offers the toast. Modern day marriages have seen a change in this tradition. Anyone who is willing to make a toast should do so. If you really have special feelings for the couple, don't shy away from expressing them.

As per the tradition, it must be offered just before guests start enjoying delicacies served at reception dinner. Two or three individual wedding toasts would be more than enough for a wedding. A collective wedding toast, where everyone raises their glass is a sophisticated and decent trend.

Wedding toast could also be relevant to the style and theme of the wedding. For example, Hawaii weddings would have a different style of toast offering than a Honolulu wedding. A beach tropical wedding toast would be also different in content. A unique toast will gel well with unique wedding having unique wedding cake and unique invitations for guests.