Sample Christian Wedding Vows

The most crucial moments in a wedding reception are when the bride and bridegroom exchange their engagement rings (preferably gold or platinum with inlaid diamonds) and take the oath to spend the rest of their lives together with each other. This is the crux of the traditional catholic wedding ceremony and is one of the most followed commitment ceremonies in the life of a Christian Catholic. Here are some original Christian wedding vows:

A) Groom: Beloved, long ago this day was a prayer, that today it has materialized as a dream come true. I will forever be grateful to the Almighty above, for granting me this long awaited wish and desire of mine. I promise I will stand by you, come whatever may. I've pledged my life to you.

Bride: I know you love me true and that God, I know has chosen the best man for my husband. I am grateful to Him and to you. I pledge my allegiance and unstinted devotion.

B) Groom: I am yours from this day onwards. I will stand by you, come hail and storm. I will forever stand by your side".

Bride: Till death do us part. I pledge you my faithfulness and in your loving care and protection do I entrust myself.

C) Groom: I give you this engagement ring, promising that I will uphold the Lord's wish and desire to unite us into one. As long as I stay alive and even after, I commit my soul to you.

Bride: As Christ loved the Church, as He gave up everything for her sake, so do I also promise to love you pure and true. May the Lordship's blessings always be with us!