Speak From Your Heart

A wedding is a colorful event. It is full of so many customs and traditions. These traditions have been popular over the centuries. Every bit and ritual of the occasion is enjoyable. There are songs, music, food, gifts, and decorations. Amongst all of the events, a wedding speech is brings great enthusiasm to the whole ceremony.

In the traditions of weddings in many countries it is seen that a toast is raised in the name of the bride and the groom. After that, a speech is given by one or more of the guests in praise of the couple as well as about instances which brought them together in their lives. Wedding speeches are full of glamor, sweet memories, humor and emotional thoughts.

Traditionally the first wedding speech is given by the best man. After that others follow with their speech. The wedding speech is one of those important events eagerly awaited by every guest.

The wedding speech starts in a formal manner. The person giving the speech introduces himself or herself. Gradually, the speech moves to the passing events of the lives of the bride and the groom. The person giving the speech narrates how the couple met and fell in love and how god has blessed them to form this union.

The wedding speech from the bridal side is also a very important part of the wedding ceremony. The speech given by the father of the bride is always a very touching affair. It brings tears to the eyes of everyone present at the function. At times, the speech brings a light moment for all with some humor added in it.

If you have been called on to speak at a wedding, make sure that your speech is going to be a memorable one. Make sure that what you say comes from your heart.