Taking Wedding Vows

Marriage is an institution that brings two individuals together. It is a bond between two people. It is a relationship that is recognized by the government and society. Marriage provides individuals with the right to extend their families.

Two individuals promise to live their lives together in sickness and in health and for the better or the worse. Wedding vows are the promises that the individuals make to each other during their wedding ceremonies. These wedding vows are an expression of faith commitment and love.

Wedding vows differ according to different cultures, religions and regions. In some religions, wedding vows are stanzas from love poems while in other religions vows are in the forms of hymns. Some religions take their wedding vows from the religious books and some even recite the phrases from love songs.

Wedding vows can basically be classified into three different categories.

Traditional vows: In these vows, the presence of god or any other religious person is not mentioned.

Non-traditional vows: Non-traditional vows are vows that the couples write on their own as an expression of commitment towards each other. They speak whatever they feel and an individual is not bound to speak in a prescribed format.

Religious vows: These vows refer to the presence of a religious person or god. These vows are mostly taken from the holy books of different religions.

Wedding vows are the most important part of the sacred wedding ceremony by which two individuals are united in matrimony.