The Beautiful tradition of Wedding Vows

A wedding is all about commitment between two souls. This commitment and assurance is made in the form of wedding vows, in front of all the guests at the wedding ceremony. The exchange of vows is a beautiful ritual that has its origin in tradition and religion.

Nothing could be as better a way as wedding vows to assure fidelity, love, commitment and affection for each other. All those invited are a witness to this open expression of commitment.

Most often, the bride and groom pour out their heart in wedding vows. This pure practice of vows binds the bride and groom into the relationship of marriage. Love bonds are strengthened by exchanging vows. Traditionally, wedding vows have been formal. The trend is changing and couples are coming up with more innovative and informal ways of expressing their solemn vows.

Writing a vow is also an important part of wedding planning. Professional vow writers extend their service to would be couples, struggling to show their commitment through vows. Couples may also go for a wedding vow that matches the theme of the marriage.

There could be thousand ways of writing wedding vows. The purpose of a vow is the committing oneself towards the other. The sanctity of the ritual casts a spell on the guests at the wedding. In fact, the foundation stone of this life long companionship is laid with wedding vows. A solemn vow kept with honesty, sincerity and full responsibility gives way to an everlasting conjugal relationship.

At traditional wedding ceremonies, vows are usually in a prescribed form and are a part of the marriage service that is led by a priest. If your wedding is not based on a traditional service, then you can consult online sites that can give you assistance in writing your vows.

Recently, a new trend of expressing a little part of vow in the wedding invitation has emerged. People are catching on to this trend. This practice results in unique invitations that keep the guests reminded of the date and venue of the wedding.

In case you have not memorized your vow, write it up. You can hand it over to wedding coordinators for making it available on time.