The Gaiety of Russian Weddings

As with all cultures, weddings are a time to celebrate. The Russian wedding is no exception. Yes, there is this fantastic traditional wedding ceremony, where the bride and the groom are surrounded by their family and friends and stopped from meeting each other. The groom has to cross a series of hurdles before he finally meets his bride. Once the groom meets the bride, both the bridal and groom entourage travel to the church in separate cars or trams for the wedding ceremony.

Tradition has it that the couple breaks some bread and take some salt, thereby declaring their marriage official. This symbolizes renouncing their old lives and entering a new one. The couple then embarks on a private tour of the city and pay due respects to the graves of the soldiers who gave up their lives for their country. They place wreathes on the graves as a mark of respect. This speaks volumes of the patriotic fervor of the Russians.

After this, the groom brings his bride to the most important component of a Russian marriage, the wedding reception. The reception stretches for two long days. Party invitations for the first day are usually given to all and sundry. The next day's wedding reception is usually a private one.

It is not surprising to stumble upon the couple's parents, drunk. Remember, that vodka is the Russian’s favorite drink! The husband and wife kiss to sweeten the wine after that there is plenty of dancing and partying. Oh! Yes do not be surprised to find supposedly free Russian brides on the streets! Her friends, of course have probably kidnapped her!