The Wedding Guest Book

A wedding guest book is great for capturing memories. It is an age-old wedding tradition. The practice of keeping a wedding guest book was customary and was a necessity so that people who attended the wedding could be considered as witnesses to the wedding.

Today things have changed. Do not think that a guest book is something to keep at a wedding just because it is supposed to be there so that you can recall the names of the guests or organize thank you notes after the wedding. A guest book is supposed to capture the cherished moments of a wedding and allow the guests to feel as a part of the entire celebration.

Make sure that the guest book is displayed at a prominent place at the wedding venue such as a foyer. This way the guest book is accessible to everyone in the wedding. You could assign the task of requesting the guests to sign the book to members of the bride’s family and friends.

Rather than just signing their names and adding their address with brief congratulatory notes, ask the guests to pen down their favorite part of the entire ceremony.

Several kinds of guest books are available to suit your style and making a good search is a worthwhile investment of time. Whichever wedding guest book you choose, keep in mind that it would be a cherished reminder of those beautiful memories. Some books have a slot for inserting photographs.

Another innovative idea doing the rounds at weddings is keeping a photographer on call who can take pictures of the guests with an instant camera. These photographs can be inserted in the slots meant for photographs.

Besides the traditional guest books and personalized guest books that are available in different materials and colors, guest book platters, trays and frames are also available.

Make sure that you make your wedding a memorable one with a guest book appropriately designed to capture the moments.