Wedding Etiquette Makes For a Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is an occasion that requires decency and grace on the part of the couple who is getting married and the couple’s family and friends. To add grace and decency to the occasion, there are certain wedding etiquettes that must be followed. A couple must follow these etiquettes that require them to be courteous and  gracious towards their guests. This is the best way to make the guests feel as if they are an inseparable part of the marriage ceremony.

In fact, all wedding rituals require certain etiquettes that add grace to them. That ways, there could be etiquette for offering an invitation or etiquette for dressing up for the occasion. In fact, etiquette could be certain sets of behavioral mannerism or non behavioral gestures. Offering wedding favors to guests also require certain etiquette. Proper etiquette makes the entire wedding ceremony charming and graceful.

Introducing your family members to your in laws or vice versa is the first and foremost wedding etiquette. Otherwise, you won't be able to create a familiar environment for people from both the sides. While offering the wedding speech, the groom must stick to proper etiquette to offer a generous thanks to the bridesmaids and specifically thank the father and the mother of the bride.

While inviting friends and colleagues, if they happen to be married, you must also invite their family. If a couple is living separately, it is improper etiquette to send them a common invitation card. Estranged husbands and wives should be invited separately.

Out station guests must be informed in advance. An invitation card should be followed up by a telephonic invitation. If you happen to personally receive your outstation guests, it would really please them.

You should accept whatever gifts your guests have brought with grace. Remember that they are generous and fond of you and you should have no expectations. A returning gesture is a wedding favor that must be offered to guests with equal generosity.

A dress code for wedding also comes under wedding etiquette. Guests should follow the dress code. A formal suit is always desirable for men and women could go for sophisticated wedding outfits. Etiquettes have also changed with more and more personalized marriages. Etiquettes for a Honolulu wedding would be different from that of a Florida wedding. Traditional wedding ceremonies have their own set of etiquettes.

Wedding reception too comes with certain etiquettes to be followed while offering dinner or luncheon to the guests. Placing a central piece on reception tables could be one such etiquette. Online wedding planning guides may offer you an insight into wedding etiquettes.