Wedding Poems Are the Best Way to Express Your Love

Recitation of poems during the wedding ceremonies is one of the most enchanting rituals that take place during a wedding. Wedding poems are recited in the honor of the bride and the groom. These poems are written by the bridal party.  In some cases even the bridegroom writes poems himself. Wedding poems are recited  to express the feelings of love, trust and respect for the bride or groom.

These poems are generally lines taken from famous love songs. In some cases people even like to write these poems on their own. In this way they express their true feelings.
Traditionally, the wedding poems are taken as the phrases from Bible or a piece of classical literature.

Wedding poems may be recited any time during the ceremony. Generally the time is decided according to the choice of the bride or groom or an elder person. These poems may be recited at the beginning and sometimes at the closing ceremony of the wedding. Wedding poems should be recited at the time when everybody present at the ceremony can pay attention to the poem.

Wedding poems are sometimes dedicated to the parents of the bridegroom. Wedding poems can be written for any person present at the ceremony but this is not a very common practice anymore.

These poems are a way to show respect for somebody. They should be written carefully. The poet should also keep  in mind that the feelings of any of the person present at the wedding ceremony are not hurt.

Wedding poems can also be taken from the internet or book stores. You always have the option of picking up some lines from famous songs. Many famous poets have written wedding poems. They are available at the book stores easily.

If you are a groom writing for your would be wife, it is advised that you should try your own skills before taking someone else's lines.