Weddings and Wedding Crashers

A wedding should be solemnized without any disturbance or ugly scene. On some of wedding occasions, uninvited guests disturb the wedding festivities. These people are known as wedding crashers. They sometimes happen to be complete strangers and are not known to either the bride’s family or the groom’s family.

Wedding coordinators must be warned of such people. Some people are always up to naughty pranks and mischievous activities at marriages. These wedding crashers should be requested not to create any ugly scene if they are amongst guests. If they continue to disturb the festivities, they should be thrown out.

Some folks can be a complete nuisance. They should be identified as early as possible and should be politely made to leave the party. A wedding ceremony should have adequate security arrangements to thwart the efforts of wedding crashers.

A proper arrangement with a cautious group of ushers and coordinators would reduce any chances of disruption. While extending wedding party invitations to guests, you must request them not to bring unwanted people to the wedding. You should not invite people whom you know and who have a bad reputation of being unruly at celebrations.

Wedding crashers don't crash marriages intentionally, they simply do it for the fun and thrill. Wedding crashers crash weddings because it poses a challenge. Some folks in your friends and family circle to whom you haven’t extended an invitation, may turn out to be wedding crashers. So, before the marriage, you must make a special plea to them for avoiding any of such activity that would cause disturbance to revelry and fervor.

Some folks may want to steal your precious gifts. So, the person responsible for receiving gifts must be smart and alert.  But, some crashers add to the fun, fervor and revelry of the occasion. These frivolous folks happen to be the lifeline of any party. They create a frolicking atmosphere for all. So, what if they happen to be a little mischievous, they could be tolerated for bringing life to your wedding enjoyment.

While doing your wedding planning, you can seek advice of your wedding planner for regulating  wedding crashers. Ensure that the entry is by invitation only. As a precautionary measure, wedding cake must be kept somewhere safely before retrieving it for the party.