Choosing the Right Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is an important part of a bride’s attire. In fact it can be as important as the gown itself. You could completely spoil the whole look with an inapt bouquet. Or may you could add charm to a mediocre wedding dress with the perfectly chosen bouquet.

Match your bouquet with your size
Since the bride is going to be holding the bouquet throughout the wedding, she should take care to ensure that the bouquet matches with her vital stats. There is obviously nothing like having something that complements your figure.

Petite bride
If you happen to be a bride who falls on the petite and dainty side then a scaled down bouquet will work the best for you. For petite brides, the nosegay or a posy is the best option. Alternatively you could also opt for the composite bouquet. The composite bouquet makes use of several petals to look like pone huge flower. This one will look perfect for those tiny little hands.

Voluptuous bride
Brides with a full figure should go in for a round bouquet. Round bouquets work a great deal in accentuating the figure of the bride. Also a biedermeier bouquet in a round shape will also look nice. This kind of bouquet arranges similar kind of flowers in concentric circles. This formal yet classy option is the perfect pick for the voluptuous bride.

Complement your gown with the right bouquet
What you wear must be in complete sync with the bouquet you carry. Your gown and bouquet need to mix and match to give yourself the perfect look. If your gown and bouquet contradict each other then you surely are going to look the most clumsy bride in town.

Ball gown
A ball gown is grand and entails swathes of fabric. So if you complement this highly elaborate gown with a tiny bouquet chances are that it is going to get lost in the swarm of fabric. Make sure that the size of your bouquet is big enough to match the stature of your gown.

Slim silhouette gown
If you are wearing a gown with a slim and slender silhouette, then too big a bouquet may overshadow your curves. Go in for a smaller bouquet like a nosegay or a posy. This will create the perfect balance between you and your gown.

Embellished gowns
If your gown carries too much of embellishments, it would be a great idea to keep your bouquet simple. Teaming up an already elaborate own with an even more elaborate bouquet will make you look messy. If there is some sparkle or sequins at the waistline of your gown, you certainly would not want to hide it away with large cascade. Instead opt for a simpler and smaller nosegay.