A Peep into the History of Some Popular Wedding Bouquets

While preparing for a wedding, there is no way you can skip the wedding bouquets. Be it for the bride or the bridesmaids, you simply cannot give these ardent bouquets a miss. These splendid members of every wedding have their own interesting history and have evolved as a result of various fashion trends. Let us take a look at the evolution of some of the most popular wedding bouquets.

This one is a beautiful variation of the posy. The biedermeier is a beautiful bouquet with concentric circles of different flowers. Each circle comprises of a particular kind of flowers only. This bouquet traces its roots to Switzerland, where lemon and orange peels were also used in the bouquet to enhance the fragrance. Its dramatic geometry and a clear cut style have brought this bouquet again in vogue.

Arm sheafs

The tall bouquets were an absolute hit in the 1900s. In the earlier days of its existence, the bouquet was known as ‘Bernhardt’ bouquets because one of such bouquets was given to the actress Sarah Bernhardt. If you want something that is slightly larger and more dramatic than a posy, these arm sheafs are the perfect option for you. Those who like the natural beauty of the stems should go for this one without a doubt.

If you want something different and individualistic for your wedding, the muff is the perfect choice for you. You can have your dress-designer make one of these for you. Embellishing these muffs with artificial flowers is a good idea.

Initially a small bunch of flowers or herbs, this kind of bouquet became quite popular in the 1980s. However some perceived this bouquet as a small posy of flowers. This bouquet was extremely popular amidst the flower girls and brides maids. We might just get to see a new version of these bouquets soon with may be softer swathes of organza.

Composite flower bouquet
This wedding bouquet dates back to the early 20 century. This bouquet involved the use of a specialized technique. This bouquet is constructed in such a form that it looks like a huge rose. This bouquet could be worn individually on the hat or tied as a corsage. The chances of revival of this magnificent bouquet are sleek.

Crescent bouquets
The beautiful curve of this kind of bouquet gives it a distinctive feel. Perfect for the bride with slim waist and hips, this curvy and streamlined bouquet accentuates an hour glass figure.  But despite its pleasant and unusual design, this bouquet has never really been very popular with the brides.

This one is for the extremely devoted brides and is symbolic of faith and spirit. Under this, a small spray of flowers is attached to the prayer book of the bride. This can be done in a more contemporary fashion to bid adieu to the traditional dictates.