Some Daring Bouquet Ideas

You need not stick to the conventional norms when it comes to choosing your wedding bouquet. Give away the conventional posies or hand tied roses. Here are some daring bouquet ideas that will have the guests drooling over your individuality and style sense.  

Wacky and mischievous
This one makes use of the regular wedding flowers but with a unique twist. You could use cala lilies and cymbidium orchids for this one. Try to use both the flowers in a happy color tone such as yellow or arrange. Now add a dash of uniqueness to these regular flowers by using creative add-ons such as fiddlehead ferns, dusty miller and silver brunia. You will have the wackiest wedding bouquet ever.

Royal and elegant
No one uses pompon dahlias for their wedding bouquet. But you can if you want to make a statement. You can use these flowers in different pastel shades such as lime yellow, pale pink, sea green and the like. Club them together and complete the bouquet with deconstructed protea petals and feathers. This one will lend the perfect royal feel to your overall appearance.

Happy and vibrant
You surely want to tell the world how happy you are on your wedding day. Allow your wedding bouquet to convey your happiness. Merge bright orange colored coxcomb with mokara orchids and you are sure to create a bouquet that is reminiscent of the pacific sunset. You could add pods of coffee bush and feathers for the finishing touches. The bright and vibrant hues of this wedding bouquet will convey your happiness.

Elaborate and sexy
Roses have been used since ages for the oldest time possible. But now you could use them in the sexiest manner possible by using roses in pale lilac and pale pink with oncidium and Sherry Baby orchids. Add to them milkweed, privet berries and lithops to enhance the texture of the bouquet. Thanks to the texturization of this wedding bouquet, it is sure to be oozing out the oomph factor.

Colorful and vivacious
There are some brides who are just in love with colors. You do not have to play down your love for colors just because it is your wedding. Use jasmine, scabiosa pods, wax flowers, weigela and foxtail mille in bright and beautiful colors. The end result is going to be an exuberant composition that will bring out your vivaciousness for all to see.

Fashionable and chic
If you want to make a style statement with your wedding bouquet, then this one is the perfect option to go in for. Put together dendrobium, cymbidium orchids, spray roses and cobra lilies in coordinating hues. Tie them using horsetail stems to add length and stature to the bouquet. Tie the stems together using love knots to enhance the sophistication level. Embellish the bouquet using pearls, beads and sequins and you are sure to have an ecstatically chic bouquet.

Try these bouquets and you are sure to make a style statement of all times.