Wedding flower headpiece ideas

Gone are the days when wedding flowers were just meant to adore the hand of the bride in the form of a bridal bouquet. Today, these wedding flowers also adorn the head of the bride in the form of wedding flower headpieces. Floral headpieces are the perfect thing to go for if you want to pull off a natural and innocent look.

Choosing the right flower
This is the most important thing that you need to do if you want to carry off the wedding flower headpiece well. Not using the right wedding flowers could make you look like a complete clown. Typically small sized flowers work well for wedding flower headpieces. Amidst various flowers, Baby's Breath works the best for headpieces. Their petite nature makes them apt for a headpiece. You could also make use of rose buds for the same purpose.

Go for silk flowers
Using silk flowers for wedding flower headpieces is a nice idea. Quite often real flowers tend to get damaged when used for wedding flower headpieces. Thus, silk flower make for a much better option. plus, silk wedding flowers can be easily altered as per your requirements.

Match your outfit
One of the most important criterions that you must adhere to when using wedding flower headpieces is that it must match with the color of your outfit. Make sure that the color of the wedding flowers in the headpiece is in subtle contrast with the color of the gown. Avoid going in for extreme color combinations.

Lighter colors work best
Of course, you have the liberty to choose whichever color of wedding flower you want to. However, light and muted color patterns work best for wedding flower headpieces. Go for pastels and subtle color options such as pink, white, pale yellow, light orange and the like. You could go in for a single color option or use dual color combinations as well for the wedding flower headpieces.

Keep it simple
Remember that you are wearing just a floral headpiece and not a crown or a tiara. So, try to keep it as simple as possible. Go in for simple and sober headpieces. Too elaborate wedding flower headpieces will only make you look like a clown. Keep in mind that the idea is to look innocent and demure.

Goes perfectly with casual weddings
An elaborate and formal wedding gown and a wedding flower headpiece is a perfect mismatch. Wedding flower headpieces go best with causal wedding gowns and are more apt for casual weddings. If you are going in for a beach wedding then they are the perfect choice.

Wedding flower headpieces are a great way to enhance the beauty of the bride but make sure that you use them in the right manner.