Maintain a Wedding Flower Checklist

The wedding celebration is filled with various festivities and functions. All of these festivities are marked by different kinds of flower arrangements and decoration. That means there are loads of things to keep track of. Therefore it is better to maintain a wedding flower checklist.

The list has to include all the functions that you are planning before and after the wedding day. Here is a general look at what all should be included in a wedding flower checklist.

* The first thing to be included is the party for the engagement. Flower decorations have to be done for the center tables as well as the gift table in the corner of the venue. If the bride is getting a wedding shower a similar arrangement has to be made for the event.

* Then comes the big day, the wedding party itself. Flowers decorations have to be made for the entire venue based on a theme. There has to be flower arrangements for the Altar as well as the entry way leading to it. The aisle as well as the chairs and other furniture are also to be decorated with flowers.

* Also a nosegay or corsage has to be made from flowers for the mothers of both the bride and the groom. Similarly boutonnieres are to be made for both the fathers. Similar arrangements have to be made for the grandfathers and grandmothers.

* Also to be included in the wedding party flower decorations are the boutonnieres and bouquets from the ring bearer and the flower girl respectively.     Boutonnieres are to be made for the groom and the groomsmen and bouquet for the bride and the bride’s maids.

* For the reception party after the wedding ceremony, the flower decoration has to be a little different. There has to be a flower arrangement for the central table and the passage or entryway that leads to it. The buffet tables with the food are also to be decorated along the bar area. The wedding cake has to be placed in a beautiful flower deco. Even the trays with food should have some decoration around them.

The checklist should include all these things in a proper order, so that nothing goes missing. Also it helps to share the same with the florist or the decorator. This way both of you can work in tandem with each other.

The list should be made well in advance and it should not be by the book. Include only what you deem necessary for the respective function. A properly maintained wedding flower checklist will take much of the burden off your shoulders.