Matching Centerpiece With The Wedding Bouquet

When it is about creating a uniform wedding theme, your wedding flowers are the first thing that must be in sync. One of the simplest things that you can do to use wedding flowers in a synchronized manner is to match the centerpieces with the bridal bouquet. Here are some ideas that will help you with the same.

The vintage
Centerpiece- No matter how many times it has been used before, white still makes for a great color option for weddings. You can use this vintage color for the centerpieces too. You could use different flowers of the same color to add a more exotic appeal to the centerpiece. For instance, you could club ranunculus along with sweet peas to create a streamlined but sophisticated look. In case, you are using a vase, make sure that the color of the vase is white too.

Wedding bouquet- For the bouquet you could go in for a round flower arrangement. Gather different kind of white blooms and arrange them in concentric circles. Put in freesias, daffodils, ranunculus and double tulips in concentric circles to create a modern bouquet. Make sure that you put the buds or the smaller blooms in the center and bigger blooms towards the end.

The Romantic
Centerpiece- If you want to keep romance as the theme for your wedding then put in flowers in romantic hues like pink and purple. Go in for exotic flowers in romantic shades such as germaniums, dorben roses, campanula, leucocoryne and the like. Make sure that you are using flowers of varying sizes. Try to use a more elegant vase for these flowers such as silver.

Wedding bouquet- Since the flowers used are in purple and pink, the wedding bouquet should echoes purple and similar hues. Flowers such as purple anemones and sweet pea will be the most apt here. You can add periwinkle flowers to the bouquet too. Since the bouquet has a romantic feel to it, you could add some rich ribbons for the detailing.

The exotic
Centerpiece- If you want to convey sophistication and style then this one is the way to go. Since you want a more exotic appeal, yellow and orange should be the dominant colors in your flower d├ęcor. Go in for Thai leaves that come with an orange-red color tone. You could also use calla lilies in red and mango color tones. Put them in a red vase and you are done.

Bouquet- Go in for rich colors such as deep red and golden saffron in your wedding bouquet. You could use different kind of orchids for this bouquet. Dendrobium orchids in maroon and buffalo orange vanda in a saffron color team well for this wedding bouquet.